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Greenwich Council’s Crusade to Preserve Essential Support Amid Financial Hardship



In an immediate reaction to the escalating cost of living crisis, the Royal Borough of Greenwich has launched a pivotal campaign aimed at preventing the discontinuation of the Household Support Fund, a crucial financial lifeline for thousands of its residents. Spearheaded by Cllr Mariam Lolavar, the RBG Cabinet Member for Inclusive Economy, Business & Skills, and under the dynamic leadership of Cllr Anthony Okereke, the council is mobilizing efforts to challenge the government’s decision to terminate the fund from April 1st.

The Household Support Fund, established as a temporary measure to assist individuals and families grappling with the immediate financial pressures of the cost of living surge, faces its end despite clear evidence of ongoing need. The Royal Borough of Greenwich, through extensive consultations with over 3,600 residents, has uncovered heart-wrenching testimonies about the fund’s critical role in providing essential support during these trying times. From aiding over 24,000 vulnerable individuals to avoid having to choose between heating their homes or feeding their families, to distributing more than 100,000 meals via the Greenwich Foodbank before October 2022—a significant increase from the previous year—the fund’s impact is undeniable.

Moreover, the council’s own initiative, Greenwich Supports, alongside contributions exceeding £50,000 towards direct energy debt relief, exemplifies the comprehensive approach taken to mitigate the adverse effects of the crisis on its residents. Yet, with the looming cessation of the Household Support Fund, the fear of plunging thousands into deeper financial distress is palpable.

The council’s campaign, #SaveTheHouseholdSupportFund, not only seeks to preserve this vital support mechanism but also to secure fair funding that addresses the acute needs of the community it serves. The initiative has already garnered significant public support, crossing an initial milestone of 500 signatures. The next target is to reach 1,000 signatures, a goal that underscores the community’s solidarity and the widespread recognition of the fund’s importance.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich’s call to action extends beyond its borders, inviting all concerned citizens to lend their voice to this critical cause. By signing the petition, individuals can contribute to a movement that advocates for compassion, support, and a commitment to ensuring no one is left behind during these challenging times.

As the council continues its fervent efforts to champion the needs of its residents, the outcome of this campaign will not only reflect the community’s resilience but also set a precedent for how society responds to crises that threaten the well-being of its most vulnerable members.

The campaign’s implications are profound, highlighting the essential role of local government in crisis intervention and the need for a more comprehensive welfare approach. It stresses the importance of continuous support mechanisms and challenges the adequacy of existing welfare provisions, advocating for long-term solutions to financial vulnerability.

In essence, Greenwich Council’s campaign represents a broader advocacy for an inclusive and equitable economic recovery, setting a precedent for societal response to the needs of its most vulnerable members. The call to preserve the Household Support Fund underscores a pivotal moment in the discourse on social welfare and the collective responsibility to support those in crisis.

For those looking to support the campaign, information and access to the petition can be found at:

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