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Nasim Malik Awarded the Prestigious Branting Medal in Kalmar, Sweden



In a momentous ceremony held at Larmtorg Square in Kalmar, Sweden, Nasim Malik, a prominent politician and dedicated advocate for human rights, was awarded the esteemed Hjalmar Branting Peace Medal. This distinguished award, named in honour of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Hjalmar Branting, recognises individuals who have made exceptional contributions to peace and human rights on a global scale.

Johan Persson, the esteemed Lord Mayor of Kalmar, presided over the ceremony, which was attended by a crowd of distinguished guests and admirers. Expressing profound gratitude, Persson remarked, “We are incredibly honoured to present the Branting Medal to Nasim Malik, whose unwavering commitment to peace and human rights embodies the spirit of this esteemed award.”

Nasim Malik’s remarkable dedication and tireless efforts in the pursuit of peace have earned him widespread admiration and respect. Throughout his illustrious career, Malik has dedicated himself to championing the cause of peace, leaving an indelible mark on communities worldwide. His outstanding contributions were recently acknowledged in Oxford, further underscoring the international recognition of his invaluable work in promoting peace and advocating for the fundamental rights of all individuals. Just a week prior to the Kalmar ceremony, the Mayor of Oxford presented Malik with a diploma in recognition of his relentless commitment and contributions to human rights and peace, thereby strengthening his international reputation as a peace activist.

The ceremony in Kalmar, which took place during the Labour Day celebration organised by the Social Democrats, was a moment to acknowledge Malik’s decades of dedication. “Few have been as deserving of this medal as Nasim Malik. His lifelong commitment to peace and human rights is an inspiration to us all,” said Johan Persson. Malik, a member of the Social Democrats, has been active in Kalmar politics since the 1980s and has devoted his life to the fight for human rights. During the ceremony, he expressed his gratitude, stating, “It is extremely honourable to receive this medal.”

Nasim Malik, active in Kalmar politics for over 50 years, remains a central figure in both local and international discussions on human rights and peace initiatives. His dedication to these causes makes him one of the most respected figures in the Swedish and international political arena. The awarding of the Hjalmar Branting Peace Medal to Malik is not just a personal honour, but also a recognition of the commitment of all colleagues and collaborators with whom he has worked over the years. This distinction underscores the importance of collective efforts in the fight for human rights and peace and celebrates the impact of collaboration and dedication to common goals.

Our journalist, who has followed Nasim Malik’s journey closely, from Sweden to international human rights meetings in cities such as Washington, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, and Geneva, noted that wherever the themes of religious freedom and freedom of expression and belief are discussed, Malik is present. This recognition is a fitting tribute to his tireless commitment and dedication to peace, human rights, and freedom of expression and belief.

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