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British Bangladeshi Mansoor Ahmad honoured with International Recognition



The recipient of national and international prizes, and recognitions and prestigious
awards, British Bangladeshi Mansoor Ahmad has been honoured with European
Commission recognition. At the invitation of the European Commission, Mansoor
Ahmad, who has been contributing voluntarily to humanitarian services for nearly a
decade and half attended the third edition of the European Humanitarian Forum
2024 (EHF 2024), which took place  from Monday 18th to Tuesday 19th March
2024, held in Flagey, Brussels, Belgium.

The EHF 2024 panels consisted of moderated discussions among the wider
humanitarian-development community, including EU institutions, EU Member States,
third countries, partner organisations, local humanitarian actors, UN agencies, the
Red Cross/Red Crescent family, and academics. During his visit to Brussels to
attend the European Humanitarian Forum 2024, Mansoor Ahmad, the holder of
British National Honours, contributed to the various panel discussions of the EHF
2024 and met EU leaders, Belgian Ministers, Nobel Peace Prize (2018) winner Dr
Denis Mukwege Mukengere, and representatives of European institutions and
countries on the side-lines of the forum, exchanging views and ideas.

The two-day humanitarian forum was attended by Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of
Belgium. The discussion topics included ‘Preventing and Mitigating Violence and
Violations through Proactive Humanitarian Protection’, ‘The Ongoing Crisis in the
Middle East, ‘The Rohingya Crisis’, ‘Protecting Civilians in Conflict and Recovery:
Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas’, ‘The Link to Landmines and Explosive
Ordnance Contamination’, ‘Delivering Humanitarian Aid in Crime Affected
Environments’, ‘A Humanitarian and Development Partnership to Scale up
Anticipatory Action’, ‘Northwest Nigeria: Neglecting a Humanitarian Response in a
Fragile Context’, ‘Halving Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2030 in the Humanitarian
Sector’, ‘The Role of Innovative Financing’, and many more.

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