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Will Pakistan govt shut down internet, and mobile services on Feb 8?



Caretaker Information and Broadcasting Minister Murtaza Solangi reassured on Tuesday the masses that there will be no suspension of mobile or internet services on polling day, urging citizens to exercise their democratic right to vote wisely.

In a statement issued today, Solangi underscored the importance of voting as a reflection of patriotism and commitment to the democratic process in the country.

He affirmed that the government has not issued any instructions to disrupt communication services during the electoral process.

“The freedom to communicate and access information is essential for a fair and transparent election,” stated Solangi, highlighting the government’s commitment to upholding democratic principles.

He reiterated that the caretaker administration is dedicated to providing equal opportunities to all political parties, ensuring a level playing field in the electoral arena.

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Solangi also underscored the role of official media in providing comprehensive coverage to all political parties, emphasizing the importance of transparency and accountability in the electoral process.

Addressing concerns about potential law and order challenges on polling day, the federal minister assured that the local administration would take necessary action in accordance with the law to maintain peace and security across the country.

With the elections approaching, Solangi urged citizens to make informed decisions and participate actively in shaping the future of the nation through their votes.

As the nation prepares for the upcoming polls, Solangi’s assurance regarding uninterrupted communication services underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring a free and fair electoral process, allowing citizens to exercise their democratic rights without any hindrance.

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