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Senator Abdul Qayyum urges British govt to play role in resolving Palestine, Kashmir issues



ISLAMABAD, Oct 27 (APP):Senator General (retd) Abdul Qayyum on Friday urged the British Government to play its role in achieving an everlasting solution of Palestinian and Kashmir disputes and to immediately stop the blatant violations of international law and Geneva conventions which guaranteed human rights and strictly forbid attacks on population centres and hospitals.

“If serious issues like East Timor and Southern Sudan can be resolved by peaceful means, why the oldest disputes like Palestine and Kashmir are being deliberately ignored,” he questioned.

During his breakfast meeting with former British National Security Advisor (NSA) and ex Britain’s permanent representative in UN Sir Mark Lyall Grant in London, the senator further questioned “Will merciless slaughter of human beings , blasting of multi-storey buildings and even physical occupation of entire Ghaza strip solve Palestinian issue?” The answer is surely in negative until Israel vacates illegally occupied Palestinian land and recognises their right to live an honourable life in an independent sovereign state established as per UN charter and resolutions, he added.

Sir Mark Lyall Grant, in response showed his concern over the highly volatile situation prevailing in the Middle East which he said could explode and go beyond control if concerned groups do not show diplomatic prudence.

Mark Lyall Grant and Senator Abdul Qayyum agreed to continue their endeavours to further strengthen UK-Pakistan bilateral politico economic and defence ties and for achieving international peace.

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