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Security forces repel BLA attack in Balochistan’s Kachhi area



In a shocking turn of events, terrorists launched a brazen attack in the Kachhi area of Balochistan, targeting Machh jail and government buildings.

The assailants fired multiple rockets, causing several explosions that reverberated through the area, damaging civilian houses. A fierce exchange of fire between terrorists and security forces ensued, prompting an urgent call for police personnel from across the city.

The situation escalated to the point where emergency measures were imposed in Machh’s hospitals, dealing with potential casualties. The city experienced a power blackout, further adding to the chaos. Additionally, the vital highway connecting Quetta with Bolan and Sibi was closed for all types of traffic, compounding the disruption.

Despite the turmoil, security forces successfully repulsed the attack by banned Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) terrorists. The saboteurs’ rocket attacks damaged numerous houses, but fortunately, no casualties were reported.

Sources reveal that the security forces had received intelligence about the impending attack, enabling them to thwart the terrorists swiftly and effectively. A well-executed ambush by the security forces in Machh forced the attackers to retreat.

Following the incident, security forces initiated a comprehensive search operation to track down the fleeing terrorists. The aftermath of the terrorist assault left the city of Machh grappling with power outages, while roads connecting it to other areas remained sealed off.

The resilient response of the security forces in thwarting the terrorist attack highlights the ongoing challenges faced in the region and the continuous efforts to maintain peace and security.

Balochistan Information Minister John Achakzai declared that the terrorists had been repelled after firing rockets from three directions, affirming the readiness of security agencies.

“Now the terrorists have retreated, and our forces are in pursuit,” stated Achakzai, emphasizing the successful thwarting of the terrorists’ operation. He further mentioned that a search operation was underway to locate the hidden terrorists and assured the public that terrorists would be eliminated by morning.

Achakzai revealed that the terrorists attempted to attack from three directions in the mountains. Although there was an attack by terrorists of the Islam Ichhu group in Mach, no installations were damaged, and there were no casualties among security forces. He reiterated the ongoing search operation to locate and eliminate any remaining terrorists.

Earlier, Balochistan’s caretaker Information Minister, John Achakzai, took to Twitter to address the situation, stating that reports indicated rockets had been fired in the Machh hill area. However, he assured the public that no damage had been reported thus far, emphasizing that law enforcement agencies were on high alert to address the situation and maintain security in the region.

As investigations into the incident continue, residents remain on edge, hoping for clarity and reassurance amidst the aftermath of the alarming explosion.

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