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Saudi embassy recalls historic 1960 visit of President Ayub Khan



ISLAMABAD, Nov 01 (APP): The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia on Wednesday commemorated the momentous visit of President Muhammad Ayub Khan to the Kingdom, which took place on November 1, 1960.

Taking to his social media account on ‘X’, Saudi Press Attaché, Dr. Naif Al Otaibi, shared insights into the remarkable diplomatic encounter that unfolded during this historic event.

He revealed that King Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud welcomed President Ayub Khan to Riyadh with a warm reception, underscoring the significance of this diplomatic rendezvous. Their meeting was widely regarded as a pivotal moment in the annals of Saudi Arabia-Pakistan relations, he added.

In an exclusive talk with APP, Dr Naif, conveying the grandeur of President Ayub Khan’s arrival, highlighted that the Saudi royal family and high-ranking government officials joined forces to greet the visiting dignitary, further emphasizing the importance attached to this visit.

Saudi embassy recalls historic 1960 visit of President Ayub Khan

He elaborated on President Ayub Khan’s itinerary during his sojourn in Saudi Arabia. In addition to Riyadh, he said the President embarked on an extensive tour that included the revered cities of Makkah and Madina. His pilgrimage to Makkah bore profound significance for both the Pakistani leader and the broader Muslim world, accentuating the deep religious bonds that bind these two nations, he maintained.

Dr. Naif said the discussions between King Saud and President Ayub Khan encompassed a wide array of topics, with a particular emphasis on enhancing bilateral cooperation, fortifying economic ties, and ensuring regional stability. He said both leaders reaffirmed their unwavering commitment to fostering stronger relations with an eye toward peace and prosperity in the region.

Dr. Naif underscored the transformative impact of the visit on various fronts adding that it facilitated the strengthening of political and diplomatic relations, fostered cultural exchanges, and bolstered trade between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. He said as the two nations continue their collaborative journey toward mutual growth and development, this historic meeting stood as a testament to the enduring friendship shared between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Saudi embassy recalls historic 1960 visit of President Ayub Khan

Dr. Naif said the warm hospitality and the elaborate reception extended to President Ayub Khan throughout his visit underscored the significance of this diplomatic milestone and the enduring partnership that unites these two brotherly nations. He hoped that the repercussions of this momentous encounter would continue to reverberate throughout the region’s geopolitics in the years to come.

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