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Sami urges civil servants to adopt rapidly evolving global landscape



ISLAMABAD, Nov 24 (APP): Caretaker Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Muhammad Sami Saeed Friday emphasizing the importance of good governance urged the civil servants to quickly adopt the evolving landscape to address confronted challenges effectively.


Addressing the Certificate Award Ceremony of the 38th Mid-Career Management Course at the National Institute of Management (NIM) here, he shared his insights on governance and drew attention to the rapidly evolving global landscape.


He underscored the challenges and opportunities presented by globalization, technological advancements, and the shifting paradigms of economic integration, urging civil servants to adapt and excel in this dynamic environment.


In his thought-provoking address, the minister commended the institute for its dedication to enhancing the skills of civil servants.


He lauded NIM management for organizing a programme that bridged critical gaps in the training landscape, emphasizing its relevance in elevating participants from BPS 18 to 19 and highlighting the importance of refreshing knowledge and upgrading skills at the later stages of one’s career.


Sami Saeed emphasized the invaluable opportunity for peer interaction, stressing the importance of networking, exchanging ideas, and fostering friendships across diverse professional backgrounds.


He particularly appreciated the growing gender balance within civil services, acknowledging the positive shift towards increased female representation.


Referencing the visionary words of Pakistan’s Founder Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Minister Saeed highlighted enduring principles of good governance articulated in speeches delivered in 1948, emphasizing the relevance of these principles even in contemporary times.


He underscored the importance of integrity, transparency, and commitment to the state as foundational values for civil servants.


The minister emphasized the need for civil servants to continuously enhance their skill sets, suggesting specialization in various fields to navigate complex policy-making landscapes effectively.


He encouraged continuous learning and urged civil servants to dedicate time to reading and self-improvement.


Concluding his address, Sami Saeed expressed his belief in the civil service as an honourable and rewarding career path, urging the participants to uphold their values and fulfill their duties.


He concluded with an excerpt from a historic speech by Pakistan’s founder, emphasizing the significance of integrity and loyalty in public service.

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