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Launch of the book entitled ‘The Ceiling of Gallery Sadequain: An Iconographic Marvel’



This year’s Sadequain Awards, organised by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, took place at the Frere Hall in Karachi. The event took place on 30 May 2023 after a 13 years break. The venue was the Frere Hall in Karachi. Its objective has been to acknowledge the works of emerging artists.

Muhammad Kamran Khan Tesori, Governor of Sindh graced the event with his presence presiding as its chief guest. The function was also attended by many consulate generals and famous artists of Pakistan. Governor Muhamad Kamran Khan Tesori, appreciated Sadequain’s contributions and in particular for raising the image of Pakistan through his art. He noted the achievements of all those who had participated in the Sadequain’s Award Competition and congratulated the winners. Administrator of Dr Sayed Saif-ur-Rehman said about Sadequain that he is an artist that has been acknowledged throughout the world.

It was at this event that the book, The Ceiling of Gallery Sadequain: An Iconographic Marvel written by Dr. Umaira Hussain Khan was launched. The author is a Pakistani, Karachi based artist, scholar and educator. Her book is a part of her Ph.D. thesis focussing on thematic, stylistic and iconographic analysis of the series of visually rich mural paintings, on the ceiling and cornices of the Sadequain Gallery composed during the closing days of his life. The subject matter of the book explores the inner sight of the aesthetically beautiful representation of figures, objects, signs and symbols, borrowed from Greek and Roman mythology. Dr. Khan explains

“The central idea on the ceiling is based upon mankind and the importance of knowledge & practice. Sadequain asserted the power of intellectual growth, his focus was on emotions, and the conflicts of natural forces, and the struggle of opposites resulted in form of social stagnation. He believed that man is caught in the web of social and cosmic forces and provides a solution in form of knowledge and practice.”

She considers Sadequain as one of the few Pakistani artists who personified a thought-out vision through his art. The universality of his themes and the expressiveness of his style will continue to stimulate insightful minds long into the future.

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