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PTI all set to open overseas front against Pakistan: FIA sources



Sources from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) have revealed that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has purportedly initiated plans to open a new front against Pakistan.

FIA sources said that funds for this initiative have been provided by PTI’s overseas members and various actors.

The primary objectives of this alleged plan, as outlined by FIA sources, include increasing pressure on Pakistan through diplomatic and human rights organizations. The ultimate goal is to obtain concessions for the former chairman of PTI by exerting global pressure on the government and the establishment.

The FIA sources also claimed that the plan includes creating a gap between the armed forces and the people by alleging a false flag operation on May 9 through propaganda efforts. The intention is to make the February 8 elections controversial and elevate PTI’s popularity, according to the sources.

To achieve these objectives, the FIA sources assert that the implementation of the project has already commenced, with evidence reportedly reaching the hands of institutions such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Furthermore, the FIA sources allege that resolutions against Pakistan and its institutions have been submitted to the US House of Representatives and human rights organizations in the past to achieve similar goals. A new report is said to be in the process of being submitted to the International Criminal Court for Research and Policy (ICCRP) to highlight the narrative of human rights violations in Pakistan.

As part of the plan, a biased documentary film has allegedly been prepared to portray the role of the Pakistani government and forces negatively, with plans for its imminent release. Additionally, there are claims that PTI aims to target the Pakistan Army, intelligence agencies, Election Commission, and other institutions through the publication of sponsored articles in American and Western media.

The FIA sources further state that more lobbyist firms have been hired to prove the events of May 9 as a false flag operation, even including the names of senior serving military officers in the fabricated story. The plan reportedly involves accusing the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of threatening American citizens of Pakistani origin, with the intention of publishing an FBI report.

In the midst of these developments, talks surrounding “Operation Goldsmith” are circulating on social media, according to FIA sources. The publication of news and analyses is being described as part of “Operation Goldsmith,” with the FIA claiming to possess important evidence against many individuals through the suspicious deals of “Operation Goldsmith Plus.”

Finally, the FIA sources reveal that a systematic and malicious propaganda campaign has been launched against the recent Chief Justice of Pakistan. Various international media outlets, including The Intercept, The Economist, The New York Times, Al Jazeera, BBC Urdu, and others, have allegedly published anti-Pakistan articles as part of this reported initiative.

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