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Pakistan to introduce new currency designs with advanced security features



The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Governor Jameel Ahmed  revealed on Monday that the central bank has made a landmark decision to introduce new currency notes across all denominations, aiming to enhance security features and combat counterfeit currency circulation in the country.

In a surprise announcement made during an informal discussion with journalists, the central bank Governor revealed plans to introduce new currency notes across all denominations in Pakistan.

The move, aimed at combating black money within the country, signifies a principled decision by the State Bank of Pakistan to overhaul the existing currency system.

Governor Jameel Ahmed emphasized that the new currency notes would incorporate advanced international security features to deter counterfeiting. Moreover, a design competition slated for February will determine the aesthetic framework of the upcoming currency.

The envisioned notes are expected to boast vibrant colors, distinct serial numbers, intricate designs, and heightened security measures.

Assuring against sudden disruptions, Governor Jameel Ahmed clarified that the transition would not mimic India’s abrupt currency change. The decision stems from mounting concerns regarding the proliferation of counterfeit notes nationwide, reflecting the central bank’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of Pakistan’s monetary system.

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