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Onions get more expensive than a dollar in Pakistan



In a startling revelation by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Friday, onion prices have witnessed an unprecedented surge, hitting an alarming Rs320 per kg in Islamabad.

The impact is felt across neighbouring cities, with Rawalpindi reporting prices as high as Rs310 per kg.

City-wise Price Breakdown:

  • Islamabad: Rs320/kg
  • Rawalpindi: Rs310/kg
  • Gujranwala: Rs240/kg
  • Sialkot: Rs270/kg
  • Lahore: Rs240/kg
  • Faisalabad: Rs220/kg
  • Karachi: Rs220/kg
  • Peshawar: Rs270/kg

According to PBS data, the national average for onion prices stands at approximately Rs230 per kg.

Impact of India’s export ban

The surge is notably linked to India’s ban on onion exports in early December. With India out of the export market, Pakistan has witnessed a surge in demand, which triggered a spike in local prices.

Government measures 

Despite governmental efforts to curb the surge, such as the recent increase in the minimum export price (MEP) from $750 to $1,200 per tonne, the local market continues to grapple with soaring onion prices.

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