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OGDCL boosts local oil production with new well in Sindh



The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) has initiated oil production from a new well in Sindh.

The OGDCL spokesperson announced that the well is expected to yield 1,850 barrels of crude oil daily.

This achievement marks a positive stride in local oil exploration, showcasing the success of OGDCL’s efforts in extracting substantial crude oil reserves from the Sonu well No. 9 well in Sindh.

The recovered oil production has seamlessly integrated into the system, contributing to the overall national oil output. The spokesperson highlighted that the desired production levels were achieved after an excavation depth of 2,350 meters.

This success underscores OGDCL’s commitment to efficient exploration practices and augurs well for the energy sector. The initial results indicate a significant daily crude oil output of 1,850 barrels, showcasing the potential for sustained contributions to the country’s energy resources.

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