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Minister overturns FDE’s restrictions, empowering teachers to seek redressal at ministry



ISLAMABAD, Dec 18 (APP): Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training, Madad Ali Sindhi has stepped in to overturn restrictive measures imposed by the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) that hindered teachers and staff from approaching the offices of the Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training (MOFEPT).

The FDE had issued a circular just days ago, asserting that seeking resolution from MOFEPT without prior permission was a violation of conduct rules, potentially leading to disciplinary action.

The circular, which raised concerns among educators, not only restricted staff from accessing the ministry but also warned of consequences if this directive was defied, even after work hours.

Principals were instructed to prevent their staff from approaching the ministry, creating an atmosphere of constraint and limiting avenues for issue resolution.

However, responding promptly to the growing concerns, Education Minister Madad Ali Sindhi took to Twitter, asserting that teachers and staff are indeed allowed to visit the Ministry for the submission and redressal of genuine and pressing issues, without compromising their official duties.

In a tweet, he went on to emphasize that the FDE should have sought clearance from the ministry before issuing such a restrictive circular, questioning its validity and necessity.

Minister’s intervention is being widely appreciated as a step toward empowering teachers and recognizing their crucial role in educating the young generation.

A teacher told APP on the condition of anonymity, hailed the minister’s decision and noted that this move opens a direct channel for teachers to voice their concerns, particularly regarding issues such as time scale and rental ceiling problems.

He expressed optimism that the Minister’s involvement would foster a closer connection between teachers and the ministry, demonstrating that the minister is a public figure committed to addressing the concerns of educators.

Dr Rahima Rehman, President of the Federal Government College Teachers Association (FGCTA) welcomed the Minister’s decision as visionary and wise.

She expressed gratitude, stating that it is a positive step forward, allowing teachers to directly approach the ministry for issue resolution.

She hoped the minister’s proactive approach would contribute to the overall improvement of the education system.

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