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Maryam Nawaz stresses merit-based policing, pledges to end corruption



Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz chaired a crucial meeting on law and order in Lahore, where top officials provided a detailed briefing on the province’s security situation.

Expressing deep concern over an incident involving the assault of an elderly woman in a taxi, she firmly declared her intolerance toward any unlawful behavior. She stressed the paramount importance of maintaining peace and order while upholding citizens’ dignity and safeguarding them from indignities.

Highlighting the need for merit-based implementation of orders, the Chief Minister underscored the imperative of justice and fairness in all endeavors. She emphasized that cosmetic changes to police stations were insufficient; a transformation in the conduct of authorities was imperative.

Assuring the fulfillment of promises related to police system improvements, she pledged to eradicate the pervasive culture of bribery within law enforcement agencies.

Moreover, Ms Nawaz reiterated her commitment to transforming the police force into a public service entity through reforms, modernization, and enhanced training. She affirmed her government’s unwavering stance against violence targeting women, children, and minorities, stressing zero tolerance for such offenses.

The expeditious registration of FIRs in accordance with the law and the adoption of digital and IT systems for improved prosecution processes were also highlighted as priorities.

The meeting, attended by the Inspector General of Punjab and other senior officials, focused on law enforcement performance and the Chief Minister’s vision for a safer Punjab.

CM Maryam Nawaz issued policy directives aligned with her vision, reflecting a determined effort to uphold law and order in the province. Notably, three such meetings were convened under her leadership on the same day, demonstrating her commitment to addressing security challenges effectively.

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