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ECP unveils stricter Code of Conduct for 2024 elections



As excitement builds for Pakistan’s 2024 general elections, Lahore’s District Monitoring Officer (DMO) has issued a code of conduct for the upcoming publicity campaign. The regulations aim to ensure a clean and fair contest, with restrictions on the size and content of campaign materials.

Gone are the days of oversized pamphlets and posters. The new code prohibits publications exceeding the prescribed size, including leaflets and handbills. Printers must prominently display their names on all campaign materials, ensuring transparency and accountability.

To maintain religious respect, the code emphasizes the sanctity of Quranic verses, and religious books. Hoardings, billboards, wall chalking, and panaflexes are completely banned, promoting a cleaner and less cluttered campaign landscape. Additionally, government officials’ photos are forbidden on advertising materials, ensuring a focus on policies and candidates, not personal connections.

Tech Upgrades for a Smooth Election:

While the code of conduct regulates the physical campaign, the Election Commission is also busy preparing for a tech-savvy election. On February 8th, the commission will begin compiling results using a modern system, ensuring speed and accuracy.

Across the country, measures are underway to provide ROs internet service, a crucial step for ensuring fair and transparent elections. PTCL, Pakistan’s leading telecom company, is actively laying optical fibers in ROs offices, further strengthening the infrastructure.

The Commission is also distributing “modern wireless devices” to 859 ROs, guaranteeing connectivity and access to the electoral process. To further enhance accessibility, the commission has decided to provide SIM cards from all mobile networks at polling stations, ensuring voters in the ROs region can utilize the available mobile network with better coverage.

New Spokesperson Takes Helm at Election Commission:

In a recent development, Islamabad’s Election Commission Spokesperson Haroon Khan Shinwari has been transferred. ADG Nadeem Haider has been given the additional charge of Spokesperson, while Hamid Raza Khan will serve as the Deputy Spokesperson of the Information Group.

These changes highlight the ECP’s commitment to efficient communication and transparency throughout the electoral process. With the code of conduct and tech upgrades in place, Lahore and the rest of Pakistan are gearing up for a smooth and fair election in 2024.

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