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Abdul Aleem Khan’s election campaign garners wide support in NA-117



n a fervent display of dedication to the country’s development, Abdul Aleem Khan, President of the Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP), has launched a determined election campaign in NA-117.

With a clear focus on addressing the populace’s problems, he expressed the urgency to prioritise state concerns over politics, emphasizing the need for visionary leadership to navigate challenges such as foreign debt.

The rally traversed various areas, including Begum Kot, Sheikhupura Road, and Shahdara Mor, where the IPP President’s presence was met with enthusiasm. A cascade of flowers marked his route, accompanied by resounding slogans and a warm welcome from Samiullah Khan, the candidate in PP-145.

The rally also drew support from the business community and shopkeepers, who pledged their allegiance to Abdul Aleem Khan, recognizing his commitment to alleviating the people’s issues.

As the caravan progressed, a wave of optimism and anticipation enveloped the atmosphere, symbolizing the aspirations for positive change and progress under Khan’s leadership.

On Friday, the IPP president kickstarted his election campaign from Data Darbar where he offered prayers for the national security of Pakistan.

Speaking to media, he shared that launching the campaign from Data Darbar holds significance, and he earnestly prayed for the security of Pakistan, emphasizing that NA-117 is an integral part of Lahore city.

Expressing concern for the impoverished citizens, the IPP president highlighted the challenges faced by the underprivileged. He underscored the economic hardship experienced by many, making it increasingly difficult for them to cover their daily expenses. He painted a stark picture, stating, “People cannot believe how they are living, with 14 individuals cramped into a single room.”

Abdul Aleem Khan advocated for making tubewell electricity free for farmers whose budgets often fall below 300 units, aiming to alleviate the financial burden on the rural population.

Continuing his campaign, Khan, accompanied by a rally, reached Shahdara, where a sizable crowd, led by Ghazali Salim Butt, the candidate of PP-146 in NA-117, warmly welcomed him and showered flowers in a grand reception.

Addressing the gathered crowd, Khan assured the people of Shahdara that, if given the chance, he would not disappoint them. He pledged to bring development to Shahdara, aiming to bring it on par with the rest of Lahore. Emphasizing Shahdara as the entrance to Lahore, Khan vowed to beautify the area.

The IPP President also inaugurated the head office of PP-146 along with Ghazali Salim Butt. The enthusiastic election campaign of Abdul Aleem Khan continued as he visited various landmarks, including Batti Chowk, GT Road, Ravi Bridge, Toll Plaza, and Abarban Road.

The arrival of Abdul Aleem Khan, accompanied by a vibrant procession, resonated with slogans and cheers from the citizens of NA-117. The atmosphere was filled with excitement, featuring citizens expressing their support for Khan through chants, dances, and welcoming gestures along the entire route. He actively engaged with the people, answering slogans, shaking hands, and graciously receiving flowers from the participants, marking the beginning of a spirited election campaign.

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